Thursday, October 19, 1989

Steely Eyed (Tugboat) Killers of the Deep

I reported to the USS Aspro in 1986 just in time to make her last deployment before an overhaul at Mare Island. Of course, being a non-qual, I had little time for doodling. It wasn't till after the ship returned to Pearl Harbor in 1989 that the creative wit began to flow.

A note on the back fills in where my poor memory left off:
18 OCT 89 while backing into the channel from S-4 on the way to Westlock for weapons, the USS Aspro (SSN-648) pushed the USS Tuskegee (YFB-806) into the pier. The tugboat was not actually damaged, except for her pride.
P.S. It was pointed out to me that Hawaii is a no-fault insurance stat

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